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How It Happened

November 5, 2005

      Scott planned an early surprise 30th birthday party for Jenn at her mom�s house.  Since Jenn�s mom lives in Western Pennsylvania and Jenn and Scott live in Eastern Pennsylvania, they had to devise a way to get Jenn to her mom�s. 

     Enter Jenn�s best friend Lori.  Jenn and Lori grew up together, Lori now lives in Virginia.  Lori called Jenn to tell her that she was coming back home to Western Pennsylvania that weekend and that Jenn needed to come home too.  Lori has a baby Myles, whom Jenn and Scott had not met.  Anyone who knows Jenn, knows that she is a sucker for babies, so the plan was in place.  Jenn thought she was coming home to finally meet Myles.

      Jenn and Scott got into her mom�s late Friday evening and got up early Saturday to meet Lori, her husband Greg and Myles at their hotel.  The five went out to have brunch and then headed back to Jenn�s mom�s house so that she could also meet Myles.

     Needless to say, when they got back to Jenn�s mom�s and she opened the door to a houseful of friends and family, she was definitely surprised!  Jenn had told everyone that if they were going to have a 30th Birthday party for her, that she wanted a charm bracelet.  She wanted all of the party guest to give her a charm for her bracelet, that way she would always remember her 30th Birthday!

      Jenn opened all of her charms and came to the final box.  It was from Scott, it was a miniature diamond ring charm.  As Jenn realized what it was, she exclaimed "You shit, you better have a real one in your pocket!"  Jenn had not noticed, but Scott was already on bended knee and pulling the real ring out of his pocket.  Jenn screamed "YES" and then said "wait, you need to actually ask me!"  Scott replied in typical Scott style, "Will you make me an honest man?"  And the rest is history!

      There is a story behind Jenn�s engagement ring.  It actually belonged to her Grandmother, Carolyn.  Carolyn passed away on Thanksgiving 2004.  She was a very influential part of Jenn�s life and became a very influential part of Scott�s also.  Jenn�s Grandfather wanted Jenn to have her Grandmother�s ring.  Scott, knowing Jenn very well, knew that he could never find a ring that would mean as much to both of them as this one does.




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