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Matron of Honor

Lori McCully

     Lori and Jenn have been friends forever!  Actually since the 4th grade, but it seems like forever.  Lori, like Jenn, is an only child, so they have ended up like sisters too!  Lori is that friend that no matter where you are or how long it has been since your last conversation, you can pick up the phone and it is like you just saw each other yesterday.  Lori is now married to Greg (Jenn was also in their wedding) and they have a son Myles, who is the cutest child on the planet!  When it came time for Jenn to think about her bridal party, it only seemed natural that Lori be in it.


Marlo Carney

     Marlo is Jenn's Aunt, however they are close in age, so they grew up more like sisters.  Marlo and Jenn were inseparable as children.  Marlo has always been Jenn's partner in crime!  If there was trouble to get in or fun to be had, the two of them would be there.  Marlo has always been a huge part of Jenn's life, so it only seemed natural that she would be in Jenn's wedding.  Marlo swears that when Jenn and Scott have children, she is going to be their nanny!

Keri Achenbach

     Keri actually is Jenn's sister!  Keri and Jenn have not always had the ability to be close in proximity, she grew up in Michigan, but have become very close at heart.  Keri and Jenn are alike in a lot of ways, but so different in so many other ways.  Their mannerisms are the same, but Jenn is a girly girl and Keri is a jock.  This has never stopped them from being close and having marathon phone calls, much to their Dad's dismay (the phone bill!).  Keri also bonded very quickly to Scott, as they both play hockey, they always have something to talk about.

Best Man

Paul Lesniak

     Paul is Scott's uncle.  When Scott contemplated his bridal party, it seemed only logical to him that the man who has been in his life the longest be the one to stand up next to him on this important day.  Paul and Scott have been very close over the years.  When Scott was a child, he and Paul did a lot together.  As is the case with teenagers, they drifted apart in Scott's teen years, but have now become extremely close again.


Adam Maisano

     Adam is Scott's brother.  Adam and Scott were always inseparable.  A lot like Marlo and Jenn if there was trouble to get in or fun to be had, they were there together.  Scott and Adam will always have you laughing, when they get together and start telling stories/jokes the laughter never stops!  These two know how to work a room!

Dan Maisano

     Dan is Scott's youngest brother.  As Dan is quite a bit younger than Scott, they have bonded more in Dan's teenage years.  They have become quite close, Scott now has a partner in grilling.  Get these two next to a grill with a few beers and you will eat great food for days!


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