Remi Grace Corneliussen

Welcomed into the world

November 13, 2007

6:04 am

9 lbs 5.5 oz

21.5 inches long




Remi getting ready for the Super Bowl...GO STEELERS!!!




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Remi eating peaches and cereal 3/19/2008



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How I Came Into The World

Mommy started having contractions at approximately 2:30 am on Monday, November 12th.  She timed them diligently until she woke Daddy up around 4 am.  By then, the contractions were ranging anywhere from 3-5 minutes apart.  So at 5:15 am, on Monday November 12th, Mommy called the Dr. and he said head to the hospital � it was very surreal.  Mommy and Daddy were already packed and ready to go, so off we went to Chester County Hospital.

We got to the hospital by 6 am � by this time, the contractions were 1 minute apart and Mommy was 3 cm dilated.  They got Mommy and I as comfortable as they could and discussed the pain med options, which Mommy and Daddy had already decided that they were going to try to bring me into this world as naturally as possible � well, that did not last long � Mommy got and iv w/ stadol in it.  That helped for a while, but then even that was not working, the pain was horrible at this point.  So Mommy opted for the epidural, it made the next several hours bearable. 

Our evening shirt nurse was not very good, she miscommunicated the progress to us, which was very disappointing when we found out the truth, at one point, she told us that we were 9 cm dilated and we were really only 6 cm.  So at this point, it is 11:30 pm on Monday and we are exhausted, all of the grandparents went home.  Mommy was not progressing well and the Dr. thought that it might be because of the drugs.  So Mommy stopped using button for extra epi.  By 5-5:30 am, the Dr. had figured out that I was back to facing the wrong way � face up instead of facedown.  The Dr. tried to manually turn me for a while, to no avail.  So finally Mommy broke down and gave permission for the c-section. 

So at 6:04 am � all of my 9 lbs 5.5 oz., 21.5 inches long and a 14 circumference of headed little self I made an appearance.  I was a good girl and latched on to Mommy's breast right off the bat in recovery and I ate for 25 minutes�We are all doing great!  Mommy is a little sore, but we are all doing well!  We are in the hospital until at least Friday.